New year, new you, new leader

Sir George Buckley Leadership Centre’s Programme Director, Sue Alderson, explains why you should enhance your leadership skills in 2021, as leadership capabilities and expectations are changing to keep up with rapid change and demands of society.

If you are looking to set a New Year resolution this year, why not add developing your leadership skills to your list?

The world is changing rapidly, technology is advancing, working practices have shifted, and leaders are under increasing pressure to consider the wider impacts of society, from mental health and wellbeing to environmental concerns.

Changing demographics and customer expectations are all influencing how leaders should act. As 2020 has showed us, people want leaders in their organization that can take the reins and lead them through adversity.

Leadership requirements are changing, however. Over the last decade, the focus for leaders has shifted with a pure focus on achieving financial results to demonstrate business success becoming less important. Organisations are now putting more emphasis on responding to the needs of its employees and its customers, to highlight their environmental credentials and showcase that they are truly embracing diversity and inclusion.

According to research by Deloitte, ‘…our research shows that while organizations expect new leadership capabilities, they are still largely promoting traditional models and mindsets—when they should be developing skills and measuring leadership in ways that help leaders effectively navigate greater ambiguity, take charge of rapid change, and engage with external and internal stakeholders.

Traditional leadership skills, such as influencing, communication, negotiating and managing the bottom line are all still important, however, new skills are needed to adapt to the changing needs and demands of society. Leaders need to have excellent emotional intelligence in order to really engage with their teams or build relationships with clients or customers.

These new elements have emerged only in recent years, but to be a great leader, leaders should be embracing their own personal development to keep up and remain relevant.

Here are some key points to ensure your leadership development is keeping up with the times:

  • Review your collective leadership power and resilience within your organisation. Is it strong enough to respond to the challenges of today’s environment?
  • Encourage your leaders to review their own performance and impact, it might be useful to gather some 360-degree feedback and really learn something from the valuable data provided.
  • Look for development that allows leaders to increase both their emotional and behavioural capabilities and agility.
  • Embrace potential leaders you already have within the organisation and nurture them to become great leaders. The leaders of tomorrow could already be sat within your office.

Are you ready to unlock your leadership potential in 2021?

If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills in 2021 or gain insight into how your own leaders and managers can unlock their potential, the Sir George Buckley Leadership Centre has launched two flagship programmes:

  • CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership

This 9-12-month programme is ideal for middle managers and aspiring leaders. It has been designed to unlock leadership skills to help inspire, develop, and motivate teams, from managing conflict to coaching and mentoring.

  • CMI Level 7 in Strategic Leadership

This 9-12-month programme is best suited to directors and strategic leaders. It is designed to explore leadership skills and create stronger leaders that can think more strategically and innovatively.


We can also offer a Leadership Diagnostic – a one-hour long chat with a leadership development expert who can make recommendations regarding potential development activities and solutions appropriate for your leaders. Find out more here.

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