Leadership Diagnostic

Understand how the leadership of your organisation impacts the achievement of business goals with a leadership diagnostic conducted by an experienced leadership development specialist.

Our leadership development specialists will advise and evaluate:

  • The collective strength of your leaders and your leadership team by reviewing their skills and competencies,
  • The impact of previous leadership development,
  • Any concerns regarding the impact of leadership on achieving business goals,
  • Any successes and failures and lessons learnt,
  • The leadership culture and it’s impact on the organisation.

This hour-long chat will provide an audit of leadership across your organisation and will offer recommendations regarding potential development activities and solutions appropriate for your leaders.

A key takeaway from the programme was greater self-belief and increased confidence in leading a team, as well as the ability to empower team members and capture everyone’s ideas and goals.

Janine Downs - Technical Manager at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre

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