6 reasons why leadership training is important for your organisation.

Learning should be a continuous process whether you are the CEO of a company or a manager looking to climb the corporate ladder, and leadership training is no different. Programme Director at the Sir George Buckley Leadership Centre, Sue Alderson, talks you through 6 reasons why leadership training is important for your organisation.  

As this current climate has proved, leaders face new challenges every day and are under constant pressure to respond to these issues not just strategically but also empathetically.

Often, however, aspiring leaders do not receive enough guidance from within an organisation to enable them to work their way up the ranks. They need support and mentoring to provide the skills they need to develop into accomplished, all-round leaders that can tackle any challenges they face but also help contribute to the future growth of a business.

Leadership training does just that, equipping current and future leaders to empower them to go on to great things.

Here are six reasons why leadership training is important for your organisation and why you should invest in your future workforce:


  1. Increased productivity.

Leaders that have effective leadership skills will have a positive impact on the productivity of your workforce.  Leaders need to be able to assess problems, manage situations, and provide solutions to issues that may arise. Having the skills to be able to communicate the company’s common goal will also ensure employees have a clearer idea of the direction of their work and are more likely to operate more efficiently to help achieve it.

  1. Increased employee engagement and staff retention.

Keeping employees happy and feeling valued should be a key component of all leadership. Those that feel undervalued, not appreciated or respected, will move on to another company that instils better employee values. Remember your employees are the cogs that keep your business working, so ensure you make them feel like a valuable part of the business by developing your own people, investing in training, and rewarding them for the hard work.

  1. Nurturing talent.

Nurturing talent from within the business is much more cost-effective than recruiting from outside, reducing the need for recruitment advertising or agency fees.

Identify employees within the business that have the potential to go onto become leaders within your organisation and invest in their professional development. Leadership training can support succession planning, safeguarding the future leaders of your organisation and giving them the tools they need to flourish and succeed.

  1. Better decision making.

Leadership training builds the emotional intelligence of leaders to enable them to make tough decisions under increased pressure.

Sir George Buckley, the namesake of the leadership centre always alludes to this saying, ‘Great captains are not made from sailing ships on calm waters, but when dealing with massive storms and violent seas’. And this is so true.

There are so many challenges ahead for leaders, from inclusivity and diversity to global crises, so leaders need to be equipped with the right tools to be able to make the right decisions for their organisations.

  1. Improved risk management.

Leadership training also provides aspiring leaders with risk management skills, having the ability to forecast potential risks and have plans in place to minimise them. Should any risk arise, an accomplished leader will be able to step up the plate and strategically deal with it.

  1. Effective management and adaptability.

The world around us is constantly evolving and leaders need to keep up with these innovations and be able to effect change within an organisation. A great leader will have the capabilities to generate new strategies for a business and disseminate them to the whole organisation with a clear common goal, which will boost productivity and result in greater profit.

It goes without saying that investing in leadership training can empower employees to drive forward their own personal development and set goals to climb the corporate ladder, which in turn will support your own organisational ambitions.


Looking to invest in leadership training for your business? Check out our Level 5 and Level 7 CMI accredited programmes, or contact a member of the team today.

Each module brings a new management related topic which I like, no two lessons are the same, and its not all theory. I also like the guest speakers as they bring a 'real life situation' element to the learning.

Joe Tully - Marketing Manager at Adventoris

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